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* '''[http://howtonotsuck.com/viewarticle.php?id=95 How To Not Suck]''' - Sets the record straight on Zoe Quinn vis-à-vis Wizardchan.
* '''[http://howtonotsuck.com/viewarticle.php?id=95 How To Not Suck]''' - Sets the record straight on Zoe Quinn vis-à-vis Wizardchan.
* '''[http://isismagazine.org.uk/2019/12/conversations-with-involuntary-celibates/ Isis Magazine]''' - Minor mention of [[/dep/]].
[[Category:Website Meta]]
[[Category:Website Meta]]

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I am wondering what warrants wizardchan's inclusion in the article, but not lainchan, 7chan, or shrekchan's inclusion, among many others?
-From Wikipedia's Talk Page

Wizardchan, like any successful imageboard, occasionally receives attention from other websites. Sometimes there is enough foreign interest to inspire entire articles to be written which focus on Wizardchan and where the site has stood in netwide controversies. The rise of Gamergate and the surrounding drama at one point involved Wizardchan to such a degree that some users dubbed it "The End" as many news outlets and blogs talked about Wizardchan's supposed involvement, linking more outsiders and non-virgins to the realm than ever before. Many of these articles still remain and can be found by running "Wizardchan" through a search engine.

Major examples

  • Vice News - Video interview with Frederick "Copypaste" Brennan, former Wizardchan administrator. He covers his past administration and how he lost his virginity, and how 8chan came to be. Focuses on the negative influence of large imageboards. This report is notable as it and Copypaste push the narrative that Wizardchan was and is a place for right-wing extremists and incels. Given Vice's notoriety, social media backlash against wizardchan had been at an all time high. The influence of the interview and the recent death of game developer Alec Holowka and his association with Zoe Quinn throughout Gamergate has left more non-virgins talking about Wizchan than ever before.
  • Encyclopedia Dramatica - Considerably neutral compared to other ED articles, the large wiki entry records early history, and documents the Gamergate incident without bias. The page has been viewed 130,000 times, and is linked to from many other articles which contain themes relating to virginity and depression. The article is very outdated, missing crucial points of interest such as new boards, rules, and administration. A version of the Staff board Anachronos mystery can be found in the article gallery. Can be edited by anyone.
  • Fusion | Pop Culture. Satire. News - Written July 2016. A lengthy writeup on one succubus' experience with Wizchan and wizards in general, and one of the first results when searching for Wizardchan on a search engine. The article quotes posts which back up some of the claims being made, and a conversation between a banished Twitterwizzerd and the author is featured throughout. Notable in that it was written after the rule 1 change which prohibited incels from posting, and makes a note to define incels and present a popular view on them.
  • Timothy Lachin - Lengthy writeup on a lone man's view of Elliot Roger's psychosis, which graduates into an article expressing an amount of sympathy and understanding from a fallen apprentice. Mentions the Jezebel article and makes a note to show disdain for Chads.

Minor examples

  • Gawker - An article spawned from Gamergate which highlights Wizardchan as one of the main aggressors in the debunked Zoe Quinn harrassment scandal. A post which is indisputably antithetical to wizardry has been pulled out to serve as an "example" for what wizards are.
  • The Awl - A succubus's modest report on where Wizards sit in the "nerd spectrum", displaying an amount of sympathy for the broken ones.
  • Urban Dictionary - Outdated, no Wizchan counterpart as of yet. Typical UD entry; please don't get it printed on a mug.
  • Return Of Kings - Short article pointing Wizardchan out as a place of sour grapes and a slew of other names. Note, RoK is a blog focused on guiding men to go about acquiring sexual relationships while masquerading as a site that is there to help men live better lives.
  • Animal New York - Small page featuring snippets from an old thread on /hob/. Neutral, dubs Wizards as tragic heroes.
  • Crasstalk - Short, focuses on wizards' supposed obsession with the need for a sexual revolution. Not written by someone familiar at all with chan culture. Shines light on Simpson Poster's international influence.
  • Fantasy And Anime - Unfortunate article claiming that voluntary celibacy is not a path to follow and that it is impossible to do so without jumping through a web of lies and shame. Subtly scorns wizards for being the "reason" anime and VNs aren't accepted by normal society.
  • Incel Wiki - Short, mentions the anti-incel position of Wizchan among other things.
  • Ephemera - Podcast episode about the experience of a wizard who went to Japan to be homeless for 3 months. Falsely claims that Wizchan is an incel site.

Insignificant inclusions

  • Wikipedia - A small entry on a small page pointing out internal controversy relating to the suicide hotline incident. The entry was larger at one point and even removed entirely before being brought back in its current state. Can be edited by anyone.
  • The Guardian - Points out one musician's discovery of Wizardchan and his associated enlightenment while traversing the darker parts of the net.
  • The Guardian - Miscontrues the wizard and "Wiz Chan" with the so-called 'incel' movement as part of the background of the Toronto van incident.
  • WhiteHat Magazine - Mentions Wizchan as a part of a larger narrative about red-pills being part of a terror movement.
  • Up In The Valley - Article detailing a hypothetical scenario about the collapse of society as a result of those inspired by Elliot Roger. Author falls for the "Toronto Van killer loved Elliot" 4chan prank.
  • How To Not Suck - Sets the record straight on Zoe Quinn vis-à-vis Wizardchan.