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The following is a list of free games that can be played on the PC, for wizards on a budget. Please don't add links to pirated content to this list.

Desktop Games

Title Description Windows Linux Link
FreeCiv Clone of Sid Meier's Civilization II [1]
FreeCol Clone of Sid Meier's Colonization [2]
Battle For Wesnoth Turn based strategy game in fantasy settting [3]
0 A.D. Historical military RTS set with factions dating from 500 B.C. to 500 A.D. [4]
Warzone 2100 Real time tank strategy game set on wasteland [5]
Alien Arena Sci fi first person shooter [6]
Xonotic Arena first person shooter [7]
Warmux Clone of Worms [8]
UFO: Alien Invasion Similar to X-Com games. Try to stop aliens from invading earth. [9]
SolarWolf Scramble through levels to collect space boxes, based on Atari 2600 SolarFox [10]
Frets On Fire Guitar hero -like, played on keyboard [11]
Aurora Deep & complex 4X space simulation x [12]
OpenTTD Clone of Transport Tycoon Deluxe [13]
Simutrans Transportation business simulator [14]
Neverball Tilt 3D environment to lead ball to hole, like super monkey ball [15]
Pingus Lemmings clone with cute penguins [16]
Danger From The Deep WW2 German Submarine Simulator [17]
FlightGear Sophisticated open-source flight simulator aiming for use in academic and training environemnts [18]
Nethack Exploring dungeons of doom, classic roguelike [19]
Angband Roguelike based on Tolkein fantasy [20]
Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup Dungeon crawler roguelike [21]
Ancient Domains of Mystery Roguelike [22]
UnReal World Survive in iron age Finland [23]
Dwarf Fortress Run a colony of dwarfs [24]
Liberal Crime Squad Run a liberal crime squad [25]
Decker Computer hacking room-to-room roguelike x [26]
Yume Nikki 2D dream exploration game, made with rpg maker x [27]
OFF Strange land exploration game, made with rpg maker and translated from French x [28]
SkiFree Skiing arcade-style game with a chasing yeti x [29]
Powder Toy Basic physics sandbox with d/l scenarios [30]
I Wanna Be The Guy Difficult on purpose platformer x [31]
Spelunky Side scrolling game about spelunking  ? [32]
Cave Story Side scrolling cave exploration platformer [33]
La Mulana Side scrolling tomb exploration platformer x [34]
MineTest Minecraft clone, more advanced than minecraft in some areas [35]
BSDGames Pack of command-line interface games x [36]
Winboard Windows chess board to run chess engines on x [37]
XBoard Linux chess board to run chess engines on x [38]
Irisu Syndrome Falling blocks game with an underlying horror story x [39]
Torus Trooper Endurance 3D tube shooter featuring catchy electro beats x [40]
rRootage Bullet hell shoot em' up with dynamically generated targets x [41]
TUMIKI Fighters Polygonal side scroller. grab onto falling enemies to use as shields x [42]
Need For Madness 3D derby stunt racer which allows completely custom car meshes  ? [43]
Radical Aces 3D space shooter set on Mars with controller support  ? [44]
Endgame: Singularity World conquest using Artificial Intelligence network [45]
Bitfighter 2D top-down arcade-style multiplayer shooting game. Can be played singleplayer with bots. Supports the usual CTF and deathmatch game mode levels, but has a level editor that allows for the creation of many different modes. [46]
StarCraft Real time strategy in Sci-Fi environment with competing alien races x [47]
Hexoshi Platformer similar to Metroid. [48]
Vidiot Game Quirky minigames, like wario ware. x [49]
Techno Chopper Fly through a techno themed environment with rhythm effects, 3 unique music tracks, visualizer mode, and 2 player mode. x [50]
OpenRA Clone of Command & Conquer [51]
Line Rider Draw some lines, then watch a sledder ride your creation. [52]

Browser Games


Flash or Java Applet Games

  • LineRider - Draw lines for a sled man to sled on.
  • Pandemic 2 - Develop a virus in order to destroy the world population.
  • Motherlode - Drill into a planet to extract minerals.
  • Bloons Tower Defense - Set up monkey defense system to pop incoming balloons.
  • Hex Empire - 1 player, 3 comp hex wargame on small land + water map.
  • Bow Master - Defend your castle with archery.
  • Dan-Ball - Collection of games made in java, lots of physics simulators.
  • Dicewars - Chance-based board game. Conquer up to 8 bots. Random board generation.


  • - Balls eating smaller balls to grow.
  • - Snakes encircling each other in order to acquire maximum length.
  • Pretend Your Xyzzy - Players play offensive cards to fill in a blank, and point is awarded for best fit.
  • Drawception - Players alternate between drawing and describing situations to be drawn.
  • GeoGuessr - Given a random place on google maps to view, place a pin on a map for where you think it is.
  • Wiki Game - Race other players from one wikipedia article to another by clicking links in the article.

Emulators and Other

  • ScummVM - Interpreter for various adventure games, especially LucasArts SCUMM engine games. Some free games available including Beneath A Steel Sky and Flight Of The Amazon Queen. Other games easily found online.
  • DOSBox - Emulates the DOS operating system. DOS games easily found online.
  • Gargoyle - Interactive fiction interpreter, with support for many different formats. You may find links to free interactive fiction at the Interactive Fiction Archive
  • Frotz - Another IF interpreter for Z-Code games (.z*), may be preferred due to running from text interface.