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Wiztantinople was an ancient city founded by The One True Wizard and his disciples during The Age of Wizards. The city was known to be a hub of research and the arcane arts. The city was sacked by breedgroid hordes and is now the site of the modern city of Groidstanbul.

Law and Government[edit]

The government was officially a Monarchy, though soon after the city's foundation, a limited amount of administrative power was ceded to the Council of The Disciples of The One True Wizard.

The society was remarkably egalitarian for it's time, with all wizards having unalienable rights under the law. However, a 2 tier caste system permeated the society, where breedgroids formed the lowest caste, unable to vote, having no rights and being barred from breeding entirely.


During the reign of TOTW, basic income allowances were provided to every wizard via The Decree of NEETs. Under the decree, provisions were made to allot captured breedgroid prisoners of war to toil for the NEETs. Each wizard was provided with a stipend of breedgroids to grow food, secure resources, cook, bathe the wizard, and more.

The Sacking of Wiztantinople[edit]