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Wizard propaganda.

Formally a wizard is defined as a virgin male who has reached the age of 30.

Colloquial Wizchan definition of wizard[edit]

The Wizchan community has developed a colloquial definition of a wizard which adds further restrictions to the formal definition. The definition is not standardized but the restrictions are formalized in the wizchan.org official rules which forbid discussing certain content. For someone to be considered a wizard in this context they must conform to the formal definition as well as leading a life which would not contradict the wizchan.org rules.

In accordance with rule 1 a wizard does not express the desire to, suggest or imply that they have had, will have or want to have any personal sexual or romantic experiences (includes kissing, having a girlfriend etc).

In accordance with rule 2 a wizard does not engage in real life social activities or have friendships, or suggest that they voluntarily take part in social activities (e.g. going to a bar or party).

Disagreements about definition[edit]

Because the colloquial definition of wizard is not standardized there are many disagreements about the extent to which a wizards life should conform to the rules. There is a wide consensus about rule 1 with the expectation of all actions a wizard takes, offline and online, needing to conform to the rule. Because of the nature of social interaction and friendships there is a gray area beyond the examples given in rule 2; the extent to which a wizards life must conform to rule 2 offline and online is harder to define. While most wizards adhere to rule 2 on the website by not discussing any social activities or friendships in any context, the colloquial definition remains informally defined.