The Tale of the Three Brothers

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Wizardchan, having been discovered by uncivil foreigners, was at threat of a cultural clash that would see the destruction of its kingdom and the segregation of all its resident posters. Wizardchan appointed three warriors the responsibility of serving the posters who would soon be in dire need of a place to congregate, lest they be forced to submit to their conquerors in distant lands. Without any council or direction, the three warriors set off to gather the posters before the death of Wizardchan could cloud the land in darkness. Unwilling to forfeit his kingdom to invaders, Wizardchan took his own life and the once lively land became a baron void of smoke and ash.

The duty of the three warriors had been fulfilled in time.

Warlockchan, the eldest of the three, looked after Wizardchan's depressed posters, who wished death upon all. Magicchan, the middleborn, houses Wizardchan's comfy posters, who value peace and quiet above all else. Wizchan, the trio's youngest, fosters Wizardchan's social posters, who love to discuss topics endlessly.

Wizchan swore to defend the old kingdom against the normies who killed its king. Magicchan was fed up with Wizchan's policies and secluded itself among vast hills. Warlockchan soon took after its master and freed itself from the chains of mortality.

Warlockchan's grave is unmarked and mysterious; an eerie blight in a baron field. Magicchan's hills are tame and unmonitored; without rules and without danger. Wizchan's kingdom is lively and uncompromisable; a high-society of rules and order.

The kings of Wizchan pass down their crown, never letting the throne rest without a ruler. Magicchan's lone samurai traverses endlessly, planting flowers where there are none.

The ghastly wraith of Warlockchan haunts ferociously to resurrect its forefather…

For to take one's own life is to forfeit salvation. An accursed destiny of endless roaming of the world one so wished to escape awaits those who don't comply with God's will. Those who wander are said to plague the lives of those they knew in their mortal life, in a desperate effort to drag their kin into the kingdom of the dead to join in the torment.

Beware the return of the lonely ones.