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Suicide is the act of consciously taking one's own life.

Suicide and wizards[edit]

For a variety of reasons, suicide is a common topic among wizards. Wizards often struggle to exist in a world that they do not want to live in and that does not want them to live, suicide being treated as a logical choice by many. Unlike in most of the internet, suicide is not usually discouraged, rather it is commonly understood as a legitimate choice by most.

Suicide and Wizardchan[edit]

The "Suicide Hotlines & Information" page in its latest revision.

Wizardchan has treated the topic of suicide in a few different ways over the time. While suicide was always more or less accepted, it was a more contentious point in the past. A page detailing a number of suicide hotlines, chats and resources was first created by copypaste around 12 August 2013. Motivations were at the time speculated to be a way to avoid legal troubles. It was never recreated since suicided.

Suicide threads[edit]

Suicide threads were one of the most common type of threads on /dep/. Suicide threads usually encompass such topics as suicide methods, philosophy and morality surrounding suicide, the inevitability of one's own suicide, announcing the intention of committing suicide or simply stating random thoughts about one's own suicide urges. Given the volume of threads created surrounding suicide, a general thread was opened to allow threads of other subjects to flourish on /dep/ and to convenience those seeking knowledge on the topic of taken one's own life.