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In July of 2016 (after the perceived failure regarding /elder/) the Administrator became open about his desire to leave Wizardchan. Believing he failed was not the driving force of his desire, as he made it clear that he was feeling like leaving the internet as a whole behind for some time. This as well as the continued decline in active users had him speaking openly about just selling the website, and leaving the whole experience behind him. Unsurprisingly, this created no small amount of dissent within the user base.

On July tenth, one of those users posted a thread detailing his disapproval. Simultaneously, this user sent an official offer to buy the website to the Admin email address, linking the thread he had just posted along with his qualifications. Driven by the fear that the site would have been purchased by someone with malicious intent, and with no other means of making sure Wizardchan did not fall into the wrong hands, he and the Admin discussed the details of the transaction. The initial offer was declined by the Admin, who felt like that price was too much, and they eventually settled on $200. With that, the site had been sold and the new owner took his place as Administrator.

This anonymous user soon introduced himself to the rest of the staff and explained his intentions. He, like the previous Admin, had no real desire to be the owner of Wizardchan. Instead, he wanted to open up the position to anyone. With a paywall of several hundred dollars, the user believed that the possibility of someone who genuinely cared about Wizardchan (with experience in web development and the free time to run it) may never have the chance to be considered. His plan was to open up applications, and have the site's staff lead the vetting process in choosing the next Administrator for themselves. Right before making his intentions public, he asked the staff if he even needed to be there at all, feeling like he would just be an unnecessary middle-man between the staff and potential successors. The user eventually came to the conclusion that he wasn't needed, and gave complete control over to the existing staff, deleted his Admin account, and returned to anonymity, leaving the ultimate decision on what to do next up to them.

On July seventeenth, it was publicly announced that the new Admin had been chosen from within the staff. This concluded the transitional period of Wizardchan having three different Administrators in less than a week, and established the current Administration.