Sir Galahad

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   "I never felt the kiss of love,
   Nor maiden's hand in mine.”

One of King Arthur's trusted knight companions, Sir Galahad was known for his purity and remained a kissless handholdless virgin for his entire life. Sir Galahad's virginity gave him powers that transcend what otherwise would be known as "normalfag" human powers. His virginity makes him appear very Christ like in regards to his working of miracles for the people. One of the only three celibate knights (Percival and Bors) to ever complete the search for the Holy Grail, he spent an entire year praying before the Holy Grail. In his prayer, he asked God to take his soul, and so died peaceful and happy death. He is a shining example of a proto-Wizchad or paladin in marked contrast to his Chad father, Sir Lancelot.