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A wild Simpsons poster discovered

Biographical Information[edit]

Simpson Poster is the pseudonym given to an infamous wizardchan poster who was mainly active between the years 2015 to 2016. He regularly posted on all wizardchan boards and particularly on /lounge/ and /meta/. Known for his obsession with Simpsons, Simpson Poster enjoyed posting mildly provocative or cynical posts accompanied by smug pictures of the famous cartoon characters. He eventually managed to become identifiable through his posts and attained somewhat of a celebrity status among wizards. Following his recognition by the public he was met with acclaim as well as fierce condemnation. In fact, those who were annoyed by his antics dedicated several /meta/ threads to his name, requesting his ban from the imageboard. Among other things, he was accused of avatarfagging, derailing and shitposting. However, these protests did all but harm Simpson Poster's fame. Taking advantage of the backlash his persona created, Simpson Poster soon elevated himself to a controversial cult figure and it was during that time that many conspiracy theories were formed regarding his true identity. Simpson Poster's activity started gradually decreasing since mid 2016 and he eventually faded into obscurity. It is thought that he has since stopped posting completely and that any contemporary Simpson Posts are likely the act of impersonators.

Subject of Conspiracy Theories[edit]

Judging by the sheer quantity of Simpson posts per thread and per board, some wizards theorized that it couldn't be humanly possible for him to be operating alone. These wizards suggested that there was a whole clique of dedicated Simpson posters masquerading as one individual. However, critics of the theory also brought forward evidence that could be used to trace the majority of Simpson posts back to a single individual. One such piece of evidence was the similar formatting of the filename in many of the simpson posts. Many filenames were formatted in a fashion similar to "smug_homer2990", suggesting classification of an approximated 4000+ images inside one huge folder by an individual collector working alone. So far neither hypothesis has been confirmed by wizardchan officials.


-Simpson poster worked his way into /elder/, much to the dismay of those who thought they could hide from him.

-According to unverified reports Simpson Poster's image folder weighs a total of 20gb.