Revolutionary Council of True Wizards (RCTW)

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An organization formed with the purpose of direct/indirect political action against all things not of True Wizardry. RC Cola was originally their signature soft drink. Their goals seem to be somewhat aligned with the Church of the One True Wizard. They not infrequently send emissaries to represent the official RCTW position and weigh in on wizardly matters of the day.


In order to preserve the true nature of the wizard lifestyle, it's necessary to ensure that the ones who hold power on our website are true embodiments of everything wizardly. We cannot allow "half-wizards" to pollute our site. No apprentices should be given any power, however it's believed by many that none of the moderators are truly wizards, they are apprentices. These individuals acquire their positions through IRC nepotism, and not because of their levels of mana.

Because of this, I have decided to form the Revolutionary Council of True Wizards. The RCTW will make decisions not only on Wizardchan's policies, but also on what behaviour makes someone a true Wizard. For example, as it stands, it would be completely legal for a Wizard to attend a university club, as long as he didn't make any friends there. This behaviour is clearly a complete contradiction to the lifestyle of a true wizard, but it's within the rules. Why? Well, that's what we intend to change.

The Revolutionary Council of True Wizards will dedicate large amounts of time to studying different behaviours, and rank them according to how wizardly they are. Behaviours which are deemed detrimental to the wizard lifestyle will be banned from discussion, and anyone admitting to partaking in such behaviours will be punished with ostracisation from the True Wizard community. We will also introduce a system which will publicly display a poster's "Mana Points". Every time a post is submitted, it will be reviewed by the RCTW, who will then either mark it as Wizardly, Neutral, or as a Danger to the Wizard Community (DWC). Posts deemed to be Wizardly will be accepted and the poster's Mana Points will increase. Wizardly posts can be scored between 1-10, a score of 1 is a post which is Wizardly but not overly so, and a score of 10 indicates a post which has been marked as truly Wizardly.

At the end of every year, the poster with the most Mana Points will become The One True Wizard (The OTW), and he will assume command of the Revolutionary Council of True Wizards. The OTW will be respected and revered throughout the entire site, and anyone who criticizes, questions, or offends him will be severely punished by a 90% reduction in their Mana Points.