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The following is a list of significant statements made about waifuism, 2D and values closely associated to anime from wizard’s pro-waifu perspective. An author's inclusion on this list does not necessarily imply solidarity. All quotes were taken from the threads at

11/04/16 thread[edit]


  • Anonymage1: What if My waifu is a celebrity?

Anonymage2: You don't have a "waifu" and you should leave.

The term does not apply to 3D pigs.

  • What you are advocating is a rule change. Rule 1 was created and always intended to mean actual people, and only now you are advocating bending it to cover other things. There is no exception to the rule, you are the one creating a new rule. Again, it is reason-defying that you think it makes sense to include liking drawings as a bannable offense, such a logic could easily be used to defend banning people who masturbate, or any other such thing-

Regardless, let ourselves be clear: What you want is a new rule. You want to change what wizardchan is. What I say is that you want to change it for the worse, by excluding ever more wizards, actual virgins who won't ever willingly lose their virginity, as if censorship wasn't a form of exclusion. If you want to convince everyone to exclude and expel others, you'll need a much more reasonable argument than "they like drawings too much for my tastes".

  • >lt doesnt matter what it was intended

Of course it does. Jesus Christ, that is one of the most important things to be considered when real courts decide on how real laws are supposed to be applied. On one hand you are saying "this rule means what I think it means", while on the other I'm pointing out what was its purpose, which was decided by its creators and enforced by its appliers since the very time it was conceived, and yet you are telling me that they all got the point of rule that they created wrong. [...] you are the kind of person who pushes for the application of age of consent laws to fiction.

  • Do you even have any experience with incels? They are obsessed with real succubi. Some are obsessed with internet personalities. Some with celebrities. They interact or want to interact with real succubi. They have online dating accounts. They work out in hopes of attracting real succubi. They whine about how much they want sex with a succubus while posting images of real succubi.

You can't really compare them to waifuists no matter how much you would like to. Maybe to fake 4chad waifuists that just use the "waifu" term for their favorite female character of the flavor of the month show.
The idea that waifuists or waifuism is completely anti-wizard is honestly ridiculous.

12/03/16 thread[edit]


  • You have a fundamental misunderstanding of why anime is seen as "wizardly"

It is not seen as wizardly because of its story elements. It is seen as wizardly because many wizards enjoy it and use it for escapism since it is quite fanciful.

It is not about the "message" it is about the fact that it is unreal and completely different from the real world.

It is undoubted that escapism is a big part of many wizards lifestyle. Anime is a very potent form of escapism. That is why it is seen as wizardly. That is why /jp/ gets its own board. And that is why it will always have a place in wizard culture.

  • It is a mistake to compare an animated drawing with a living creature. Fictional characters and real people are vastly different.
  • The quality of the medium aside, the anime posters in wizchan treat the distinction between 2D and 3D seriously and while they may pedestalize an idealized image of succubi, it is very different from pedestalizing a real succubus.
  • Where OP went wrong was ever comparing anime to the real world. In every series is a completely different universe, with people, systems, and ideals that do not apply there the same way they apply to the real world. In anime, if someone says "people are good", it's because, in that universe, it is true. [...] It's an idealized world with people that are totally different and usually better, than here. When you see a "succubi" in anime, don't apply real world logic to it. They don't look like real succubi, they don't usually act like real succubi. They're not the same creature that lives in this world, they're a totally different being. Not a perfect one, of course, and by no means anywhere close to not flawed, but the traits which are most repulsive in real succubi are absent. But this is just a generalization of some of the anime I've personally seen, the truth is anime is a medium and the storytelling can range from atrocious normalfag garbage, to views of the world just as depressing or even more so than our own. No one world is the same. Yes, anime is not perfect, and anime succubi are not goddesses, but they're in most cases, especially the kind of anime I watched, too far removed from 3D succubi to be considered the same creature. [...] But anime can't just be generalized, and elements inspired by the real world cannot be treated exactly the same as those elements exist in our reality. Anime takes what may only exist in peoples heads, and creates it. Anime succubi have just as little in common with real succubi as fantastical races like Saiyans have with human beings. Of course there are outliers, specifically the tsundere trope which I despise, but as often as they are talked about they do not represent the majority. [...] But I'd say that due to the escapist and idealistic nature of these characters, and being not "normal" humans, but an idealized representation of what people wish humans were, anime is a medium that is less normie than western stories live action. Western live action is exclusively about normie shit. Also, keep mind that the target audience of many anime is people that, while not being what we consider wizards, are closer to wizards than anything normie. These are people who, while sharing different sentiments, have many of the same dislikes of humanity that we do, and anime answers that by depicting a world that is idealized and far removed from this actual planet and it's peoples. The truth is, the most normie of anime are those which are aimed at otaku/NEETS with the intention to shock them out of being otaku, and become normies. Anime directed at these people simply to entertain them, don't do this. There's nothing wrong with creating something perfect just because the real world thing you used as a basis for it was flawed- And my main point is, anime "succubi" can't even be considered human succubi, they may be called the same thing and same species, but aside from having a similar basic shape they are nothing alike. Fuck, most anime succubi have bodies which are nothing like any real succubi, it's totally different. The least ugly real succubi in existence is still vastly inferior to the ugliest, shittiest 2D succubi ever drawn.
  • I was talking specifically about physical appearance there, but overall anime characters are just so much better people than the ones in real life. They might have naive, or even stupid ideology, but they are people with genuinely good intentions. No, they're not saints, they are still extremely flawed. But the ways in which anime succubi are flawed are, for many of them, totally different from the massive and horrendous flaws which make up a real succubus nature. Anime succubi are characters that were designed to be the people that we wanted succubi to be, with the only origin in common with real succubi being that they are

1)psuedo-human in appearance
2)have physical traits somewhat based on a female humans

But as far as their personalities and behaviors go, they are completely different from a real, human succubi. Flawed, yes, but not of the same nature and absolutely not as grossly and all-encompassingly as a real succubi. Their flaws are things like fear, indecision, timidity, anger, etc. I think it's what you would call "honest" flaws, although I'm not quite sure what to really call them. Flaws that real succubi don't even have because they are unthinking, petty shallowness driven creatures not worthy to be called sentient. Anime succubi are the creature that in their minds, men wanted, and upon which were also projected what they consider natural human flaws, but in truth these are traits that aren't even applicable to 3D, human succubi. As a guy, I tend to think of certain things when I consider human nature and shit, but succubi in actuality don't even have these because they are too simply petty and evil to struggle with moral issues. Real succubi don't even think about what is right or wrong, they just act like wild animals given a cleverness somewhat on the level of humans, although really it's more of a dumb, deceitful nature and not calculated as much, because they can't even understand that much.

Now, I realize this does not apply to all anime succubi. Some writers go for a more "realistic' approach, or just make them bitchy. But generally, the ones that I found tolerable were like I described. The ones targeted at the non-masochistic otaku are not perfect, or even great people, but they are also nothing like an actual succubi besides a few external features on a very basic level. I don't put them on a pedestal, but I think the average "good" anime succubi is about as decent as the average wizard, although different. Of course, there are an unhappily large number of stories where succubi are just succubi, but because anime is largely used as an escapist medium, this shows up in far less quantities than other mediums.

The point is, anime succubi are not malicious people, and in many cases are trying to be good people because they care about others. These are traits not even found in real succubi.

  • Anime is mostly escapism depicting everything in naive idealism. Books and movies are usually more realistic.

I think anime is seen as wizardly because it's mostly enjoyed by people with a certain disconnect from society. Normal people are probably turned off from most anime because of how naive it is. They rather watch a movie or read a book where relationships are portrayed more like in reality. With things like sex and betrayal.

01/04/17 thread[edit]


  • Waifuists are anti-normie just be sheer concept. The fact that waifuists are people who have no desire to go after 3D pussy and fallen in love with an actual 2D fictional character should tell you alot about how much they don't fit in within society. I guarantee that if you told normies that your gf is a fictional character they would consider you to be quite hideously abnormal.
  • The reason for this is that "anti-waifuists" think waifus are nothing more than imaginary sexual objects for the "waifuists", while in truth this is not so, or at least not necessarily so.

Again, posts describing different kinds of "waifuism" get systematically ignored, because "anti-waifuists" think they know better what "waifuism" is about, and that is of course about having unrealized sexual desires for the real-life succubi, which is in fact simply ridiculous from a "waifuist"'s point of view. That is why anime-hating metaburgers are never taken seriously.[...]

So, the reason I argue with you (apart from the fact that poking at you is simply fun) is that behind your proclaimed "anti-waifuism" most likely hides hatred towards anime on the whole, anime as an integral part of the imageboard culture. That is why people like you HAVE to be antagonized, pointed fingers and laughed at, maybe even banned ultimately. Like invading immigrants in a foreign country you hate and attack traditions that were installed there long before you. No one even makes you follow them or like what other people here like, but if you attack something that is long-cherished and accepted by local population, do not be surprised when people are suddenly unrespectful or even rude to you.

  • Btw, I'm still waiting when waifu/anime-haters confess that all their butthurt is mostly due to the fact that cute anime pictures upset their nofap endeavours.

Official position[edit]

  • Admin: I fail to see what's wrong with people who want to discuss 2D. If you do not like the waifu thread, do not browse it. You're clearly upset and trying to make a point by pushing it and expecting people to suddenly agree with you. If you wanted my opinion, that's it.
  • OP: Btw would you mind explaining how the waifu thread does not break rule 1?

Admin: Because it has been decided in the past that they are exempt as drawings are not real.

07/14/17 thread[edit]


  • >Would this Wizard apprentice be a traitor and throw his fellow wizards under the bus and instantly jump on the normalfag train if given the opportunity to get as close as possible to what his waifu represents for him?

He would be a traitor to his waifu, first and foremost. The problem is, you guys automatically assume that waifus are just stand-ins for 3D, and decide to police your fellow wizards based on those faulty assumptions.

  • To shun out waifuists from wizchan would in my opinion be a betrayal to the values of this site. They will never gain acceptance from the normies anyway. Why not accept them? [...]

No matter how much anime gets accepted by the normies, waifuism will never catch on due to the fact that normies are way too accustomed to 3D succubi.

07/22/18 thread[edit]


  • You just don't get it, do you? Your very idea of what constitutes wizardry is so flawed and so removed from what a wizard had been, and still is, that it doesn't even apply. Muh succubi this, muh succubi that. Blah blah blah romance blah blah blah religion.

That isn't the fucking point. Wizardry is specifically about disregarding 3D human females. Not the physical appearance of succubi, not feelings of romantic love for a concept or character. Disregarding and avoiding sexual and romantic relationships with 3D succubi because, and solely because, they have shitty personalities and will waste your time and money just to backstab you, and will always be mediocre imitations of what mans heart desires in a companion. You've taken the neo-wizard meme too far, way too far for it to be considered even the same type of individual as a wizard was originally. Wizardry without waifuism is like a boat with no keel. You've missed the point entirely.