One True Wizard

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The prophesied archmage?

One True Wizard, or OTW, has been the driving force behind the scenes of Wizchan (formerly known as Wizardchan). A shining volcel, he is an example that all users of Wizchan should follow. He embodies all that is wizardry, and casts an ever-watchful eye among the site. He accepts all volcels into the Kingdom of Volceldom, as long as they lived a truly wizardry and honest volcel life. If a wizard apprentice or wizard had any thoughts of inceldom, he will never be able to gain entry into the Kingdom of Volceldom.

The Path of the One True Wizard[edit]

To even think of attempting His path, one must possess the following qualities

1. Volcel

2. Wizard or Wizard-apprentice near 25 years old


4. Hikikomori

5. Single-player video-games only

6. Over 300 anime series completed

7. Sleep 15 hours a day minimum

8. Diet consists of junk food like burgers, pizza, and soda

9. Faps only to traps, furry, and sonic (hetero is for incels)