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The typical norman reaction to wizards, hence normsplaining.

Normplaining is a term used to denote posts that explain, judge, or critique using normgroid consensus. Normsplaining as a form of condescension is rooted in the assumption that norman opinions take precedence and should be deferred to in comparison to the opinions of wizards.

Examples Taken From Wizchan[edit]

Appeal To Nature[edit]

The human mind requires a certain amount of physical space to be healthy, we came about living under the all encompassing sky, limiting your universe to such a small space undoubtedly leads to mental complications even with escapism.


lmao at the people getting triggered by this. If you were targeted by bullying as a kid it mean's you're a failed normalfag incel. Bullying exists as a social immune system to keep undesirables like autists from joining social groups, not as some evil thing to just make you personally suffer. in response to I used to be the bully in middle school/elementary school. Randomly beating up people for the fun of it. It was actually quite fun and entertaining, even when you had to sit in the principles office. We also tried to organize a school fight club.

Filial Piety[edit]

Do your best to make her [Mom] happy you ungrateful prick. If that includes small talk every now and then, so be it. They've raised you your whole life and let you stay in their home, you could at least show them some respect.