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Magicchan (or Magichan) was a small imageboard created by a lone wizard under the name MasterOfDebate as a refuge for wizards lost after the fall of Wizardchan. Dwarfed in traffic by Wizchan and then-active 8chan boards, Magicchan remained slow and quiet until its closing in November 2018, when MoD shut the doors due to lack of confidence in his capability as an administrator. Users retreated to Wizchan, 8chan's r9k, or the /tower/ board on 8chan (

Mentioning Magicchan on Wizchan was seen as taboo, as MC for the most part was free of trolls and spam, being regarded as a fragile community which could do without increased traffic. MC was host to many wizards banned or fed up with Wizchan and its policies. The rules were similar to that of Wizchan.