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Japan (Japanese: 日本 Nippon) is an island nation in east Asia, well-known for being home to the Japanese people. It is highly favored among some wizards due to its exceptional culture and aesthetics, as well as the natural tendencies of image board users. Japanese media and culture is the focus of the /jp/ board.

1 in 4 Japanese males over the age of 30 are de-facto Wizards, making Japan the most wizardly country ever.


Okinoshima (Japanese:沖ノ島 Okinoshima) is an island, part of the city of Munakata, Fukuoka, Japan. It is considered sacred land by the local Shinto. The island's population consists of a single male (wizard) employee of the shrine. Additionally, the entire island is considered a shinto kami, and the island is off limits to succubi, making Okinoshima the most wizardly island ever.