Is X a wizard?

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A common one-sentence thread found on Wizchan. The thread usually starts with a picture of a famous person who is allegedly sexually abstinent or not able to get a partner because of social dysfunctions or physical appearance, followed by the question.


"Is Mad Dog Mattis a wizard?"

"Is Grigori Perelman a wizard?"

"Is Donald Trump a wizard?"


Some psychologists theorize that the question is a reflection of the questioner's low self-esteem and the attempt to increase self-esteem by equivocating the success of other potential virgins with that of being a virgin.

In popular culture[edit]

Season two, episode 35b of Spongebob, titled "Band Geeks," features Patrick Star similarly asking if Mayonnaise is an instrument, where Squidward Tentacles replies, "No, Patrick. Mayonnaise is not an instrument." Many scholars believe that these wizard threads may secretly be a reference to this Spongebob episode.