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IRC is a communication protocol that facilitates communication over the Internet through text. It is known for being the most normal of all communication methods behind telepathy, anonymous communication over the Internet, non-anonymous communication over the Internet, VoIP, smartphone calls, IRL conversation, and even communication via sexual intercourse.

Most obvious problem is that it is prone to circlejerks in the short term, since people will try to connect to each other, be it due to their loneliness, feeling in control of something (power seekers), or because of the irresistible urge to troll. These traits are not exclusive to this protocol, it can be expanded to forums with identities tied to it and chatrooms (discord is the perfect example). Hopefully, you will never need such piece of shit platforms, but if you do, this should get you started:

  • clients: weechat if you are a tty nerd and remain immune to crashes due to mass spamming, if you don't want to deal with the hassle of configuring weechat, but be careful with spammy channels as it tends to bomb out your browser.
  • commands: /join <channel name> <password> - join a room locked with a password
           /join <channel name>            - same as above, but without password
           /list                           - list all rooms in the server (this can take a while)
           /query <nick>                   - open a window to pm an user