Glass Wizard

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Glass Wizard is the name given to a transparent, wand-like dildo that is the favorite sex toy of many Homosexual Wizards. The group frequently engages in organized shitposting sprees, expressing their fixation with the toy and describing acts that involve it in gruesome detail. It has been hypothesized that the Homosexual Wizards use such tactics to aggravate and demoralize the conservative factions of wizardchan that have forever challenged the status and the very probability of wizard homosexuality. Thus, Glass Wizard should be understood in the context of a larger counter-cultural movement that uses the dildo both as symbolic identity and as a weapon of terror.

Sometimes, in order to avoid being spotted, Homosexual Wizards will implicitly refer to Glass Wizards by using alternative gay slang. This practice is often used when Homosexual Wizards want to signal other homosexuals without attracting unwanted attention. For example, the misspelling of the word "enema" as "anema" that can be observed in many posts, is far from a coincidence. In this case, "anema" is a deliberate stylization employed by homosexual wizards to allude to the preparatory stage that precedes the use of the Glass Wizard. This stage involves the cleaning of the rectum with chemicals so that the Glass Wizard will not get stained with feces when used. This procedure is usually carried out in the shower or over the bathroom sink and has seen many variations by individual wizards. Some of these variations greatly transgress various social and moral taboos.