Filial Piety

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- "Do your best to make her(Mom) happy you ungrateful prick. If that includes small talk every now and then, so be it. They've raised you your whole life and let you stay in their home, you could at least show them some respect."

Filial Piety is a debunked meme used to purport that wizards must submit to their breeder's whims. The meme is a source of suffering for many wizards who have been indoctrinated into herd think, often by their breeders.

Reconciling Filial Piety With Wizardry[edit]

Some wizard commentators have suggested that the expectations foisted upon a wizard by his breeders are a primary source of depression for those within the community. Others have more controversially suggested, that the large percentage of incels within the virginosphere is as a direct result of this familial pressure.

Inheritance and Competition From Siblings[edit]

A wizard must consider the financial standing of his breeders, and whether it is likely that he will accrue inheritancebux from their passing. If a wizard has siblings, he must keep cordial favor with his breeders and avoid any circumstances in which breeders pit his siblings against him to win their favor.

The Expectation To Breed[edit]

A common filial demand foisted upon wizards is to reproduce. Such a demand is prevalent throughout norman culture, and most wizards are regularly exposed to this propaganda through wageslavery, schooling, and the consumption of media. However, when told to breed by one's breeders, the situation is notably more dire, with possible consequences for disobeying. Wizards have reported being set up on dates, their porn habits being spied on, being accused of homosexuality, and more all as a result of their disinterest in reproducing. The most chilling consequence of rejecting breedthought however is the daily berating, shaming, and guilting by breeders in an attempt to break the wizard's resolve and drain his mana.

Breeders suffer from personal bias, meaning that since they themselves bred and spawned children, the rejection of that same behavior by their spawn is interpreted as a threat to their identity and perceived accomplishments. Wizards are particularly threatening to breeders, because almost every fundamental building block of their lives is wholesale rejected by wizards, such as the drive to socialize, wageslave, climb the social hierarchy, as well as breeding.