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A shorthand term for feeling, used and abused until it became a meme.

On Wizardchan, feels, often written as /feels/ or [feels], was a service that was provided alongside the main imageboard. The goal was to provide a small, Twitter-esque alternative to /v9k/ where users could post short summaries of their ill feelings, or "feels", and receive comments in return. The username provided to all users was Nobleman, though a signature or fake admin tag could be added to the subject field which appended the username. Due to the ease of access and non-commitment approach to thread creation, feels eventually became a cesspool of namefaggotry, memes, trouble, and good times.

It is assumed that the original creator of Feels was one of the founders of Wizchan as [Feels] was soon added to the board lists upon the 2014 revival despite its poor reputation. The decision to keep Feels was undone at one point and feels was removed from Wizchan's server, soon to resurface again on an independent URL. After undergoing developments of its own, such as the addition of meme rankings and an embedded oekacki application, the owner, ladmin, handed down ownership and feels settled down on a new server, where Noblemen were renamed Feeler by Numin. At some point Numin had updated the rules to prohibit feeling about desires or plans to kill or harm living things, especially children. Since then, Feels underwent a mutiny and was then handed down to Funmin, who changes the names of feelers very often, and instated a "no rules" policy, prohibiting only links to illegal content but not discussion of such.


It isn't uncommon for people to accuse Feels of being responsible for raids or systematic shitposting on Wizchan. Some users dislike that Feels could be linked to from /b/ and others may be quick to tell someone to go back to Feels if that person made a low quality post. Very shortly after a former community Wiki project's URL became inaccessible, a link to the public website was posted on feels with the Feeler vaguely announcing that he "ratted it trying to upload a naughty file", leading to the assumption that an illegal image was placed on the server through the provided administrator credentials.

Although feels originated from Wizardchan with a Wizard audience in mind, it was and continues to be very common to find posts that would violate Wizardchan and Wizchan rules largely, such as rules 1, 2, 3 and 9.


On January 1st, 2018, ThatFeelWhen.online was changed to redirect to Reddit after a countdown timer placed on Feels' header had exceeded The Final Day. Its true fate is unknown. Feelers have been scattered, and some have found a new home back on Wizchan. Over 193,000 unique feels and countless responses are feared to have been lost forever. Only time will tell if these faded memories shall surface for viewing once again.


  • Although Feels was intended to be a place for Wizards to share their feelings it always was a place for outsiders.
  • Linking to boards on Wizchan triggers the spam filter, preventing the feel from being posted.
  • Feeling >tfw no gf will also prevent the feel from being felt.
  • Ladmin owns and operates many sites besides Feels, which are all a mystery.
  • 4Chan may block referrals from feels.
  • There are currently over 344,000 feels.
  • Feels went through a "No Rules" faze, which has since ended.