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Extremely Feminine Guy, also known as Democratic Process Guy, was a Wizchan user known for his obsession with gender roles and explaining human behavior in terms of degrees of masculinity.

Extremely Feminine Guy believed that femininity was merely a lack of masculinity like darkness is a lack of light. He believed that personality traits such as sociability and intelligence were negatively and positively correlated with degrees of masculinity, such that the more social and less intelligent a person is the more feminine or "unmasculin".


Extremely Feminine Guy was known to post from as early as 2014, although some historical records suggest as early as 2013, and to as late as 2016, although some anecdotal data suggests that he is still roaming at large.

The 8chan board /cow/, known for ridiculing people with social disabilities, temporarily adopted the title "Extremely Feminine" as mockery of Wizchan.