Church of the One True Wizard

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One of The Big Wizard™ religions, its disciples zealously follow the One True Wizard (OTW) who preached the way of True Wizardry. Not much is known about The One True Wizard, as his research was burned with the sacking of Wiztantinople. Various wizard scholars have made pilgrimages to the ruins of Wizstantinople(Now the city if Groidstanbul) to conduct archeogical digs in the area.

Discovery of The Volcel Creed[edit]

Among some of the artifacts discovered near The Tower of The One True Wizard, was a golden tablet. The tablet was a turning point in ancient wizard research, as it reintroduced the lost knowledge of The Celdoms to Wizchan. Carbon dating has suggested the tablet was created around 8000 BI(Before Internet), likely by The One True Wizard himself.