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Chad is any male who exhibits traits that would be most desirable by succubi, employers, and normal people in general.

Common signs that you're dealing with a chad:[edit]

  • He is outgoing and quick to make conversation
  • He is built of good (or even god) genetics
  • You're unable to identify his weak point
  • He ignores your power level entirely and insists on getting to know you
  • He draws power from the sun without performing any ritual
  • He introduces himself as "Chad"
  • Succubi sap him even if they already have an incubi of their own
  • Effortless domination of all Norman social hierarchies and value systems
  • He calls Schopenhauer a sourpuss

Chads and Wizards[edit]

In ancient times, chads were seen as a threat towards wizards for their hogging of succubi specimen. After research led to the discovery that succubi can't benefit wizards at all and instead will only drain one completely, chads have since been regarded as no more then mere nuisances, occasionally only making shopping trips and nightwalks slightly less comfortable with their shining charisma. Wizards who maintain their faith in magic but also follow the way of the beach are often called "Wizchads" and occasionally receive ostracism from those who practice in solitude. A past admin was once deemed a chad after selling his power to a berserker succubus, a decision that was met with the destruction of his home and eventually the entire realm.

Chads and Crabs[edit]

Chad step on crabs for easy XP when the crabs wander in to his training ground. Otherwise, chads are harmless to them so long as they stay in the darker parts of the ocean.