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Australia is a country in the South Pacific. For wizards, it is known as an undesirable destination.


The hot, sunny climate proves difficult for HikkiNEETs who wish to stay indoors.


Due to the hot climate and relatively young population for 1st world nations, the culture of Australia is chad-centric.


According to one Wizard, the interior of the country has only "miners, ranchers, and natives" who "breed like rats". Care should be taken to avoid the interior.[1]

Percentage of NEETs/Wizards[edit]

unemployment in Australia at just 5.6% is one of the lowest in the OECD[2] [3] Almost 12% of young Australians – 580,000 individual young people – are NEET.[4]

NEETbux Guide[edit]

Australian NEETs are also known as 'dole bludgers'.

Notable Wizards from Australia[edit]